Le Cordon Bleu Chef Suzy

We are temporary closed due to Covid-19. We care about our health and yours.

We will reopen in October with all of our staff vaccinated and the 5 -star safety standards that we are known for. 

Cheers Chef Suzy


We are taking bookings for the Fall and next season. Leave your information and we will contact you

I realized many years ago, that I have to be in the kitchen creating my culinary visions on a daily basis in order to remain fearless and happy. My love and appreciation for food and feeding people is so powerful it makes my heart sing. My need and desire to be constantly learning and adventuring into new culinary territory provides me with a drive determination passion and fulfillment that I have never felt in any other endeavor.


In fact, my desire to create the most amazing food and share it with the world is so strong that I gave up a very successful career in the fashion industry to fulfill my culinary passions. I went to the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu and got my degree and started my business Suzy Gourmet as private chef and caterer.


I find food to be the most sensual form of art, as it is the only art form that incorporates all five senses. It is my goal to tantalize all of those senses in each one of my dishes. I love changing my menus out on a daily or weekly basis using the freshest ingredients available to me. There is not any type of cuisine I cannot create. I am often asked what my specialty is or if I have a favorite dish or type of cuisine that I love to cook and my  answer is “Favorites are too limiting. I love it all.” My focus is on sustainable farm-to-table food and having a unique and avant-garde yet traditional approach to every style of cuisine.


I used to read cookbooks for fun, but when I realized that most recipes were boring or that I had already heard of them, I started writing a cook book of my own. I have thousands of recipes and menus that I have produced and served to very happy clients. I make everything from scratch with a simple sexiness and appeal that no one I have ever cooked for has ever been disappointed with. I prepare all my dishes from scratch and love the idea of a dynamic menu based on seasonal ingredients. I am highly organized and clean and have experience with food ordering and knowledge of food safety standards and regulations. Combine my passion with my skill, talent and unique culinary visions, sprinkle in a killer sense of humor, a ton of determination a dash of sass, you have met the chef that can take your event to the next level.


Please contact me to schedule your next event! I personally look forward to satisfying all of your culinary wishes!